Russian Culture

The Russian culture has a rich and long cultural roots deeply steeped in ballet, painting, literature and classical music. Although many outsiders see Russia as drab, it has very visual cultural past; from the ornate religious symbols to its visual past. The culture also encompasses food, traditions, art, cinema and attitudes. It is both a pride for Russians and a major draw for all travelers planning trips to this country.

The culture places a high value on family and the homeland. The Soviet rule left its mark on the culture, developing a fundamental mistrust and fear of those outside the extended family and any other familial connections. Russian families are large and very friendly. Family here is not limited to the husband, wife and children, it goes all the way to include grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, nieces, nephews and sisters. The members communicate with each other frequently especially on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Russian Superstitions

Russians believe that Mondays are difficult days, so they do not start any new and important undertakings on this day. Instead of starting out something afresh on Monday, you better sneeze. This means that you will get a gift later on in the week. Tuesday is the perfect day to make any major changes in your life and to begin new ventures. This is a great day to travel as well. However, you should not borrow money on Tuesday evening.

You cannot move into a new house on Wednesday as it brings bad luck. On Thursdays, you should do all you need to get done. Wash your face before the sun rises and you are assured of cleanliness and good health. You cannot clean your house on Friday until after midday. If anything, any work considered to be the woman’s work should not be done on Fridays. If anything is started on Saturday, then it can only be done on Saturdays. Having breakfast early morning on a Sunday leads to tears. You should also not clip your nails on Sunday or you will lose happiness and money.

Holiday Celebrations

Russians love to serve a festive dinner for guests on occasions like New Year, Easter and birthdays. The main attributes for a holiday dinner include cold appetizers, meat, hot dishes and cake for dessert. Housewives will cook everything by themselves as they are expected to be good cooks. Alcohol is very important and Russians do not serve hard liquor with desserts and wine with meat dishes like it is the norm. Instead, any type of alcoholic beverage will be served on the table and guests can pick what they want.

Visitors and foreigners from other cities

Russians show special goodwill and generosity to guests from other countries or cities. A real Russian will accommodate new guests in their house instead of reserving hotel rooms for them. If you visit Russia and stay with a friend, they will be happy to show you around, guide you to the interesting places to see and accompany you during sightseeing.

Cuisine and Food

Russia has a wonderful and unique cuisine, traditions, recipes and customs. They have breakfast about seven or eight every morning, lunch between one and three in the afternoon and dinner at around seven or eight in the evening. Dinner is the only time when the family interacts with each other. They watch TV together at dinner to keep track of news.

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