4 Common Misconceptions About Russian Culture

Stereotypes exist in every nation and culture, while some of them are more bitter and unpleasant than the others. Certain characteristics are consistent within a group of people, but truth be told, the generalizations are not fool-proof. In the same way, there are a few stereotypes and misconceptions regarding the culture of russia and its people. All in all, the point is that most of those are either exaggerated or entirely false. Here are a few common misconceptions about Russian culture and its people and the truth about them.

Misconception 1: Russians are addicted to Vodka and are alcoholic
It is true that Russians do drink a lot of alcohol, but it doesn’t support the statement that “All Russians are alcoholics”. The phrases “Vodka is our enemy, so we consume it up” and “There cannot be enough vodka for us” sum up the type of stereotypes imposed on the Russians in this regard. It is true that russians start drinking when they are young as it is the best thing that keeps them warm in the cold weathers. All in all, while alcoholism is clearly an issue in Russia, the situation has been improving since 2004.

Misconception 2: Russia is dominated by Mafia
Many people think that Russia is a home for mafia and it is highly dangerous to be there. Honestly speaking, there ‘was’ mafia in Russia in the eighties and has ended by 2000. These days, Russia is like any other place in the world and is not dangerous as it might seem. It you how to keep yourself away from the bad places and do things a normal traveller does, you will be definitely fine. And even if there is mafia somewhere in the country, they would be busy dealing with each other and you wouldn’t experience their aura as a normal traveller.

Misconception 3: The Future of Russian Economy is at risk
Just a few years ago, the GDP of russia was growing fast and many people have managed to find their way over the poverty line. But things have become critical since financial crisis hit the country and made it blatantly obvious that a solid economy cannot be built based on the natural resources of oil and gas. On the other hand, the youth of the country have experienced a kick start and started to something productive and innovative to sustain themselves. Put together, Russia has huge amounts of human resource which has been brought out after the recession hit the country making the future of the country look more bright than ever.

Misconception 4: All Russians are communists
When it became a part of the Soviet Union in 1922, Russia was ruled by a communist government. Before this, it wasn’t a communist state and it hasn’t been a communist state since 1991 when the Soviet Union has collapsed. And ever since, most of the russians have been democracy loving people with a large part of the population trying to restore the Monarchy in Russia. That said, communists are definitely there in Russia but they are hugely dominated by the democracy loving people.

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